NFS4 server and client

Posted on Sun 27 March 2011 by Pavlo Khmel

Protocol: TCP
Default port: 2049

By default NFS packages are installed.
System A (server) IP:

$ cat /etc/exports
chkconfig nfs on
service nfs start

System B (client) IP:

mount.nfs4 /mnt

Firewall for showmount and automount

Show the NFS server’s export list:

showmount -e
clnt_create: RPC: Port mapper failure - Unable to receive: errno 113 (No route to host)

Open 111, 892 tcp,udp ports

$ grep MOUNTD_PORT /etc/sysconfig/nfs
$ service rpcbind restart
$ service nfs restart

On System B:

$ showmount -e
Export list for

Possible problem:

  1. All files and directories in mounted NFS share are owned by:
    UID/GID = 4294967294
    or UID/GID = nobody (99)

NFSv4 uses a uid\@domain format.
If your domains are different on system A and B.
[System A]# hostname
[System B]# hostname
It will cause problem with UID/GID.

1. Use the same domain on server and client.
2. Domain in file /etc/idmapd.conf on the client and the server have to match.

$ cat /etc/idmapd.conf
Domain =
. . .

After changes in /etc/idmapd.conf on both systems:

$ pkill rpc.idmapd
$ rpc.idmapd
  1. If there is error: Operation not permitted
$ mount -t nfs4 /mnt/
mount.nfs4: Operation not permitted

NFSv4 requires the root of file system to be defined with fsid=0. Without fsid=0 no permission to mount.
So we need update /etc/exports as:


mount syntax should be changed:

$ mount -t nfs4 /mnt/